participation fee

€ 300 Euros for students of the University of Vienna;

€ 319,20 for students from other university (including inscription, insurance and access to library).

To be paid upon arrival.

Tuition fees, material, lunch and coffee/snacks are included. For the duration of the summer school, the participants will be admitted as „external students”, which means that they have health and accident insurance and enjoy access to all libraries of the University of Vienna.


The University of Vienna will provide two applicants for the summer school with a scholarship (value € 300 or € 319,20). Please state in your application, if you are interested in the scholarship. Please note that only official students of the University of Vienna or from one of our partner universities can be candidates for this scholarship.


  • Catering

With the participation fee, coffee breaks, lunch (THUR, FRI, SAT, MON, TUE) as well as one dinner is included.

  • Accommodation

Accommodation is not included in the participation fee. However, if you are interested, we are willing to help you find a room in a shared flat in Vienna or recommend you a hostel/hotel. Please let us know if you are considering this option!

  • Travel cost

If you want to apply for financial aid from an exchange program or other institution to cover your travel costs, we will gladly assist you in the process.