Cancellation of 2020 summer school

Due to the measures against COVID-19 the 2020 univie: summer school Doing translation history

has to be postponed to 2021. 

Save the date for 2021

The summer school on translation history 2021 is scheduled to take place

September 1-8 2021

Since the 2020 summer school cannot take place, the invited guests will join us in 2021. (Details to be confirmed in due time)


2-9th September 2020,

Centre for Translation Studies, University of Vienna


No doubt: Translation history is gaining more and more academic momentum and attracting increasing attention from an ever growing interdisciplinary community of scholars. This why we are glad and proud to announce the fourth summer school on translation and interpreting history at the Centre for Translation Studies in Vienna. We are inviting researchers from all disciplines interested in the connection between translation and history to participate.

Just like in the first three years (2017, 2018, and 2019), we have invited renowned scholars to share their expertise on doing translation and interpreting history. In 2020, young researchers will be provided with basic knowledge about various perspectives on and approaches to translation and interpreting history and with hands-on experience, such as analysing historical documents and researching in archives. Moreover, the participants will have the opportunity for one-on-one tutorials with our guest lecturers as well as for presenting and discussing their own research projects.

What are you waiting for? Join the summer school!


Guest lecturers:

  • Theo Hermans (University College London)
  • Christopher Rundle (University of Bologna) (invited)
  • Irene Weber Henking (University of Lausanne) (invited)


Apply until April 5th 2020!

Applications from all countries and different disciplines are welcome. Applicants should have a demonstrable interest in translation (or interpreting) historical issues and the contents of the summer school. Check Application & Costs for more details.



  • Larisa Schippel (scientific direction)
  • Julia Richter
  • Stefanie Kremmel
  • Tomasz Rozmyslowicz



All participants that have fulfilled the required tasks will receive an official certificate of the University of Vienna stating the successful completion of a workload of 8 ECTS.


Some classes will be held in English and some in German. We will provide you with simultaneous interpretation into English whenever German is used.

Enjoying Vienna

Vienna is an interesting and vibrant city, especially in summer. We would like to invite all participants of the summer school to explore the city together, see the vineyards, the main building of the university, the coffee houses,... Detailed information will follow suit.